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We deliver quality service with added value to our customers since 2006. Here are some of our customers:

Our Services

Tax Audit

We help you comply with the laws promulgated in the commercial code, and the requirements of the Financial Superintendence of Colombia and other regulatory entities, with strict exemplary standards, quality and transparency.

Statutory Audit of Management and Results

Specially offered to companies of residential public services, intended to comply with laws 142 of 1994 and 689 of 2001, and all the resolutions promulgated by the Public Services Superintendence according to the information that is subject to audit and report forms.

Special Audit Services

In addition to Statutory Audit and Tax Audit, some companies or institutions are required to provide information about some specific processes or report financial information audited for different entities. We adopt these kind of projects as Special Audit Services, ensuring quality and opportunity in our reports and complying with what it is promulgated in the Commercial Code, and the contracts or agreements (loans, licenses, benefits, etc.) under which we run our assessment.

Special Procedures

In some other cases, it is mandatory for some companies to carry out special audits about specific and significant transactions and/or specific processes that are required to be focused on when developing the procedures related to the service we want to deliver, in order to analyze and reach the expected objectives.

International or Multilateral Cooperation

The current schemes of international cooperation foresee that the benefactors (World Bank, IOM, IDB, NRC – Norwegian Council, AECID, etc.) are required to have certain degree of assurance when using resources. Therefore, it is required to set forth special audits that will allow, throughout the financial statements, records, transactions and project operations; to prepare a report based on the auditing guidelines determined for each project, identifying control risks, and also those situations that are considered as weaknesses when carrying out the project. Finally, we provide a report in relation to the compliance of the beneficiary agreement terms, according to the applicable laws and regulations.

Tax and Legal Advice

Our services include tax, currency exchange, foreign investment, and foreign trade advice, for national and international companies that are doing business in Colombia and abroad.

Foreign Trade

When it comes to foreign trade and customs, we provide advice related to the compliance of the international legislation, Colombian customs regulation, special rules for importation and exportation, free trade zones, customs special zones, exportation mechanisms, customs tax payments, administrative procedures and continuous delivery of updated information.

International Standards

Colombia is moving forward with the international financial reporting standards. Therefore, it is mandatory to adopt these international standards that have been developed by the international community, especially developed by the UN system, as a set of principles, criteria, and best practices when it comes to accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing.

And many more...

Study of the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS. Analysis of the impact generated adopting IFRS. Conversion of financial stats of Colombian accounting standards into IFRS. Auditing of the conversion of financial stats under IFRS. Account management under IFRS. Entrepreneurial training.
Our outsourcing services will take care of all the supporting activities and duties that your company requires in order to focus efficiently on your business objectives. ASELAN LTDA offers the following integrative solutions according to each company needs: - Management of fixed assets, costs and inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, treasury, internal control, accounting outsourcing and administrative reorganization of processes.